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A letter recently received...


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To whom this may concern,
I have lived in The Shadow of Yserbius my entire life. My name is Jaris, son of Stephon, grandson of Wilister of this land. If this letter finds you, I beseech ye to begin preparing yourself once more. But before I speak of this further, I believe further introductions are in order.
My father and my grandfather have spoken often around the hearth of the evil that once roamed the volcano. As a boy I reveled in the stories they told of heroes and villains, monsters and battles. Inns where patrons gathered in celebration of victories won and mourned those lost. The Guild Hall where men and women once trained stands still and empty, not 2 days from here.
Some years ago, the last battle of the volcano vanquished En-Li-Kil and his army of demons and despots. His second in commands quietly slipped away and were never heard from again. The Dungeons of the Volcano, once filled with death, agony and sorrow became silent. Doors were nailed shut, barring entrance. Signs hung warning unwary travelers away begging them not to enter on penalty of death.
The brave warriors and knights, clerics and rogues that once battled the denizens of the deep soon left for lands and battles afar. Few returned occasionally, and some stayed. Ever vigilant that evil would return and hardened warriors’ men and ladies alike would be needed.
My grandfather was one such man. Vigilant he remained through the years. The lights of Yserbius ever bright in his eyes and tales.
In writing this letter I must sadly inform you that something sinister is stirring with the volcano. Smoke has once more began to pour from its depths and on several trips into the area, I have had the strange feeling that I was being watched. I passed the front door and see that is still securely closed, so I suspect there is another entrance that was missed.
Evil has returned once more, and your presence is requested. Please begin to prepare yourselves. Pass this note on to others, begin to recruit. Train hard, sharpen your axe, polish your swords and make ready for WAR…..

Son of Stephon
Isle of Yserbius