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Avatar MUD


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I remember back in the early days after TSN was no more (or at least after I refused to play their skyrocketing rates), I visited a MUD and found a home there. No TSN'ers were there... at all, as MUDs were a dime a dozen and there were many hundreds of them.

After the demise of INN, I put out word to several and soon old friends showed up, word was passed along, more showed up. Eventually I left the game and didn't keep up with my character, although had it restored several times if for nothing else than to save his inventory of obsolete equipment. I really, really loved MUDs in those days, even with the blatant ass-kissing of GMs and subsequent favoritisms of them towards the lip-puckerers. It was, after all, a small community and not a private business. People will be people and the old adage of "It's not who you know, but who you.. er..." well, you know the rest... it holds true there as well.

Is Avatar still even around? One of the Gods was Snick (I think)... another one Mendek.. I forget the others. I remember Shali was there, Swiftword.. and I believe Cyren and Snowy came over. Stormchild maybe? The details are fuzzy... much like me.


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Avatar is still up and around. Still run by Snikt:


SnowWolfe just recreated his character there. We got bored and wandered off shortly after we were living together and that place wasn't our lifeline and meeting place any more. I lost my army to the attrition of time and the release of Everquest.

Shatrdmoon, Evel (Malyse), Dorsai, Elkhorn, Brianna, Jachyra...LOTS of people from Ys played there and helped me get my levels. By the time I showed up on Avatar, some of Cyren's kids were immortals and I had tons of help getting around. Cyren's still hard coded into that game on Hero's circle in Midgard, I've still got my own shop and basement. Of course the only Cyren in existence now is only level 3. SnowWolfe and Cyren are awaiting pfile restoration of sorts...there's no way in hell I'm leveling up another gnome mage. I'm not that masochistic any more. SnowWolfe has his half-orc warrior back though. We're hoping we can at least get promotions back to lord. I'm bereft without my teleport and portal spells. Hell, it's dark in my basement. I can't even hold a permanent light source yet...

SnowWolfe and I had level 100+ something lords, I had tons of characters. I stopped playing so much when they removed the multiplay option and I couldn't drag around my invincible bot army. (I used to be able to play all day from work)

I met a lot of people from Avatar at parties at my house, more than I ever met from Yserbius.



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Promotions, schmomotions.. I was on there before Avatar.. think it was called Farside back then and brought many to that game... you'd think I'd even get a virtual beer... but NoOoOOOoo... I wasn't held in too much favor by the Gods, but I never was one to rub elbows with Gods. Seems they don't like being mocked or their beards tugged on.

I might have to take a look. I doubt any player file of me exists. Even after my last restore people were checking out my inventory. I was a walking museum of Farside history. Pays to be a packrat sometimes.


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It was called Farside, I played it then too.

I was a pain in the ass to the Gods. No, really, you seem shocked. Such a nice girl like me... I was strident, I was demanding, I complained all the time...I was always online and I was funny. Snikt adopted me. I think the difference is that I had breasts. He liked those. Used to tell people if they threw water on me at the parties I threw while he was watching, he'd promote them.

Hell, SnowWolfe just ran around Midgard about a week ago and made every single mob in the place plagued in protest of some stupid rule. We were creative. Imms have to run around for hours to clear plague out of places and heal everyone, we're busy spreading it somewhere else until our demands are met. Our demands are never met, Midgard is perma-plagued.

Grainger used to be an Imm there, he just liked to follow people around invisible. SnowWolfe and I would put on a show. That'll show you to eavesdrop you creepy bastard. Now you're jealous and you can't even do anything about it. Nyeah.

Lurch (I loved Lurch, an evil bastard if there ever was one) and I would play "Pick an ***hole, any ***hole" We'd find the guy being the most obnoxious on channels and we'd promise him stuff, drag him out into the middle of nowhere, and suddenly fail to save him. He dies, his corpse is in the middle of nowhere with its timer ticking. We'd retreat back to my basement and go invisible so he can't tell where we are...we're telling him "Oh yeah, we're on our way, we're trying to help you get to your corpse...it's just...really hard..." I miss Lurch. He had a container renamed to "your inventory" so whenever he got something from his pack, it would always read "Lurch gets Ciquala's sword out of your inventory"

Snikt had a sense of humor to go with the ego, you just had to have breastseses.

My daughter loved Snikt. He was paranoid about having pictures taken, so she'd always run in and throw a blanket over his head when someone took out a camera. Of course I just waited until he went to sleep and took pictures of him drooling. She still calls him "Blankiehead" and I have photographic blackmail available. Fun guy to play poker with at 3 in the morning. And yes, Mendek was also an Imm, he came to one of my parties too. Met Evel (Malyse) that way too. We're all up late, swearing, throwing things, it was great.

Anyway, I can at least prove who I am when I get on.

The other Imms thought I was a horrible influence. Darii and DaWiz would just as soon set me on fire as look at me. Snikt just stuck with the water offer and refused to let them toss me off the place. Snikt eventually made me an Imm so he could finally tell me what to do and at least one of me would sorta maybe listen. I didn't.

I'd break some stupid rule. I'd get jailed. I'd start writing notes. Snikt comes to visit me in the cell and he's in there saying "PLEASE be nice!" I'm posting so much crap people are laughing their asses off and there's a "FREE CYREN!" campaign. They removed the ability to post from jail after me. But far be it from me to not take advantage of an opportunity.

And just in case he asks, if Jachyra tells you "I want to show you something, go to sleep a second." Don't do it. It's called Charm. It's evil. Well, it's evil when he's got it.



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Guess I'm just not part of the "IN" crowd.. .although I brought the INN crowd there, if not personally then by proxy.

Hell Shali was even an Immortal there.. that breasts thing must ring true.
Usually their token males got thrown a bone, but it was kind of a running joke that I remained a mortal. I was probably the oldest mortal there on the server in game time.

The plague spreading.. yea, I did loads of that.... loads. Had the newbies screaming. I had a special character for it but I don't recall why.... name was Chodan. I forget so much of that game since it's been forever.

I jumped to another MUD that I knew the GMs on.... I forget the name, but they allowed 7 deaths before the character was perma dead... tough place.


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I was one of the followers who went to Avatar - GypsySmurf I believe was my name on there - dang, starting to wish I hadn't been killing all my brain cells lately. ~/ :p


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Being the roleplay type, I went onto MUSHes instead. But I remember Avatar (and you Bourne ;)).

Even went so far as to write and sell my own client software, it never got as big as zMud, but it did pretty well in the non-mud games.


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I was one of the followers who went to Avatar - GypsySmurf I believe was my name on there - dang, starting to wish I hadn't been killing all my brain cells lately. ~/ :p
Yep, it was GypsySmurf.

I went to Farside. Avatar was too big for me. It was too impersonal...in comparison, anyway. I went as Laurae there and became an IMM before too long. There weren't many of us there...Smurfy and one other guy whose name I can't now remember (my brain cells are gone, too) were pretty much it.

I did deal with Snikt a bit...mediating conflicts between him and RoX/Farside, mainly originating on our side, asking him for help with some things. He was always cool to me.

And Bourne...sounds really familiar to me, too. Mainly the little pic there. :)


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What's up gang, it's Cyan. FarsideMUD / AvatarMUD, what a blast from the past. Laurae, Gypsysmurf, I recognize you guys, not so much the others. I have hopped on Avatar now and then over the last 14 years or so to see if any familiar faces still existed, seen a couple here and there. I still remember building the Triumvirate of Doom area with Krylak. Those were the days... Anyway, I am known as Daeadin these days on the internet, and if you google that, you will find only me. My email here works, so if any of you people I used to know stumble upon this post, feel free to send me a message for old-times' sake!