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Best way to set up Yserbius and INN


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Okay it's been SO long since I've installed this originally I need some help here.

Thank you guys who managed to get the INN server running! I dont know HOW you managed to do that, or wherever you found the software to do so, but thank you! It'll be AWESOME to play Yserbius with other people out there in a party again!

And that sort of leads me into my question.

I've installed the INN client and I've also installed Yserbius offline mode (completely differnet directories). Should the Yserbius Offline mode be installed into the C:\INN\Yserbius, or wherever so that I can play Yserbius both online or Offline? Because I forget if back in the old days you could maintain online character and play it offline or online. Your help is appreciated.

Also leading into my next question, to all those who read this, lets get an online game of Yserbius going! :)