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Concept Art (56K People Beware)


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So what is our take (currently) on En-li-Kil? Well... You've' asked, and we're granting. Behold our Concept art for Enny!

Comments? Post them! Please do. These are our current concept sketches. Enny here is edited to look pretty... I'll post the un-edited version soon. More to come so check back often and remember, feedback is key!



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I always felt he should be a cross between a demon and a draconian. Big red wings, large head with demonic horns and sharp teeth. Also some strong arms wielding a massive sword and standing 8 or 9 feet tall.



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<squints> Ya think?? <looks harder and shakes head> I'm not sure.... I was thinking more of Bad Burritto Jar Jar Binks..