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"Cutlass swamp" once more this day


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*Still getting his grasp for dry land, the skeleton Bones waddles in to the tavern, dressed fairly piratey for the occasion...*

"Harr! If'n ye be t' fine establishment me mates 'member it fer, den it be me pleasure ta' 'ave me a flaggon o' black rum in tis 'ere pub - if'n ye mind me skeletal presence not. Else I be wandrin off in me most mannerly o' ways."

*He sits at the bar and looks for a sign of favorable reception from the owner*

"Y'know, me mates, t'whole scurvy lot of 'em, be jes a few boards short o' a deck.. but ne'er ye mind it - a finer crew ye shant see.. if'n ye keep yer deadlights from driftin too far, that be. he he he"

"anywots, I's come fer t'celebrate the day none shant forget, fer dem sea dogs n t'booty they be chasin was always was and was always wot will be a swashbucklin fancy fer any mates' mind t'court wit. Wot a guiltsome pleasure t'have n be holdin in fair deliberation! Arr, n' better fer t'be t'one wandr'n bout in spirit'd acts o' piratey piratedness"

*Bones gets a little lost in what he was saying, and decides instead to raise a drink and get to celebratin*

"Huzzah! May t'freebootinist of em all be membered everways tis 'ere day."

"Happy TLAP day!"