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Dev Log - What is being Worked on Today?


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This will be a great place to see what is being worked on by Slohand and the rest of the team working on Ys2. It will be a great place to ask questions, and see the great progress everyone is making. We may not update this everyday, but when we are working on Ys2, we'll try and stop by and let you know whats occupying our time today.

Often times there are game makers that share pieces of behind the scene tidbits, and its a great place to drum up enthusiasm for the work everyone does. Because honestly, without everyone support, the energy we get from this process will be a lot less. In that spirit, I would like to thank everyone for swinging by the forums to see whats up. There are plenty of new things to see. So spread the work, stop by often, because from here till June, is nose to the grind stone.

Dev Log 12-13-18
The holidays are fast approaching, I'm busy studying Unity 3D Animations. With a list of processes/actions in hand, I'm focused on getting as much animation done as soon as possible. We've managed to get a chunk of 3D Items created for assets in game, including the War Hammer of Doom. Right now we have approximately 25 weapons made and awaiting skins/textures. With another 20 planned to be completed in the coming weeks. With the help of our great community, we have music in the wings, ready to be modernized, new items from all three Twinion Games, Skill list and a hand full of other things that will eventually take up our day.

For now, it's back to animations and getting them setup!


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Dev Log 12/31/18

New Years Eve. New Year, and a new Cano comin soon.

Luckily I've had two weeks to get some work done on weapons and particle effects. Slohand is workin hard on getting a working prototype up and running. While I forge away at the 3D anvil.

So far, I've made 8 functional weapons, ready for beast slaying. I've got more in the wings, however, these will need to be reforged, as I've learned a great deal this two weeks. So my forging skills have leveled up, so to speak. In the mean time however, as the clock ticks to midnight, and the Lightning Sword is dancing on my screen, I think back to how much has happened this year and thing it was a pretty decent one.

Next Year, is our year. Our time. So, stick around! More Yserbius goodness is right around the corner!