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Game Engine of choice.


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Some of you know, and some may not. We are developing the next generation 3d version of Yserbius in Unity.3d. Not the free version although it may have sufficed our needs for the time being. We opted to license a version because of the added features that paying for Unity3d Gave us. It also makes me feel that by supporting Unity3d by licensing it. We help support the ongoing effort to keep it modern and relevant. Those programmers have a office about 5 miles from my house and I have dropped on them a couple times and asked questions. I doubt they would look my way a second time if they thought I was not contributing to their paycheck. I digress.

So the purpose of this post is to keep our loyal followers informed and up to date. If you want to learn more about Unity3d then check them out at http://Unity3d.com. The free version of the program is very indeed the real thing and if you want to try it out, I suggest you down their free version and take it for a spin. If you get good at it, call me. We need all sort of help.

Warning. It may seem if Unity3d app is devoid of absolutely everything and non functional, do not fear, they tutorials for beginners through advanced. Methods in which all level of coding skills come into play. There are games out there with not a single line of original code in them.

Additionally I wanted to add here. That I am setting up a RSS feed so that latest post to Unity3d blog will make their way onto our board for those who have interest. Check them out, read up on them, comment and let us know what you think when you see something that interest you.

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Once long ago I was involved in a game project called Adellion. They started using a low-cost engine (forget the name) that kept updating to new versions that need to be bought...the devs were constantly playing "porting to the new version!" Eventually the project imploded and disappeared.

Currently 3 of those devs are using Unity 3d and loving it. They plan to "eventually" release a smaller version of the original Adellion but they are 4 people working at "when we have the time" pace...and no, I'm not on that project.

I know that one of the Devs from Adellion went on to create Snow Castle Games and has release several games in Unity.

Great engine! Easy to use and learn! Great news that hopefully helps YS2 become a reality! -)