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Hail all and where are you!!


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You were the master BC ... The wife sends a huge hello to you btw. We left South Texas and are now in South Florida. There are a few more folks gonna come in and post as well. Damn good to see your still around. :)


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Sir Hensor sneaks in...

Ah the good ole days. I was Sir Hensor, an honor-bound knight. I was quest master for one of the OVL's, but it's been so long now, I can't remember which shard or who it was. I musta killed the brain cells hosting that memory in college.


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I mean to tell you....I have a secert too...

On a game called The Realm....I played a alittle old lady named Aunt Bea..This is while the wife who was Gemma the sysop was there...

But Aunt Bea handed out pies and kicked butt....The charater looked just like Aunt Bea too :D


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Rainstorm, satisfy my curiosity if you can.

The Mercs website is currently down, for all sorts of intriguing reasons. But a long standing part of its history was the Mercs destruction of you, personally, in Yserbius. Rather, I believe the story goes that they broke your mind and forced you to leave. I've always wondered what the heck that meant. Is that just Mercish dreaming? Or did the boyz manage to do more than exchange amusing insults with KAAOS?

*prepares to take notes*


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I guess if you call it moving to another country breaking me : ) No I was military and made it into Specwar (Special Forces) and ended up having to move to Panama for my work for several years. Panama at that time did NOT have internet and when it did, TSN was gone and The Realm was up. I met Balor on there with his wife and even saw the board. Balor typed the hype for his own satisfaction and I never got to rebuke it after it came out because I had no access, and to be honest it was not worth the time, his was a claim that was far out there. However when the Mercs were fledging with like 3 or 4 members at the time, He had a falling out with one of the others there as well. Perhaps Balor should recant the time he wanted to join KOY...Wanted to be an officer in fact. Now if you wanna hear a story, thats one worth talking about : ) That about got me strung up. Or the time he lost to me 1 on 1 for our charaters. He lost and never paid up. Didnt matter tho, all in fun.

Now when I had the concept for KOY, I had a few Overlords and they had 2nds and started from there...I think we had 4 in all to start with. Now to ensure I dis not have all the power. It was made to where we had an equal share and ran our areas within guidelines. No OVL could trample into anothers territory and take over. Even our meetings were covered on a equal basis. I think I put myself in the chair to start off with but after a bit we swapped people out on the hot seat. Even the church side of the guild had a chunk, as did the thieves side ect ect. So after it picked up speed, I never layed claim to the throne. That was shared by all.

The bottom line is it was a false claim that no one challenged. But thats ok, those are chapters that have gone down in the books of gamming history.

People may not realize it, but all of us broke many diffrent grounds from the first of the Mega Guilds to the first of macros. From Rank structures to RPing at its finest. It was a incredible time in gamming and I hope all those that I came in contact with are living incredible lives and have all they hoped for.

The fact is..no matter how many people THOUGHT they didnt get into the moments and RPGing. They were the same ones that had hide guys and such in KOY and other guilds.

Even my wife played Heartless in KAAOS. :D


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Well thank you, that was certainly a "Big Fish" moment for me. You know the movie? The main character takes reality spins it out into something for more entertaining and everybody lets him do it, except his son - who learns the value of a good yarn in the end, thank god.

Balor will certainly be spanked in reward for promoting a big fish story that held on so long. He smiled when I read your post to him, but he declines to make himself a viable entity here. And so my chaotic rampage continues...

*scouts around for trouble, knows its here somewhere*


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I did enoy Balors bantor tho if it means anything : ) It added flavor to the game on my end.....All guilds have a mixed arwary of people. I never intended to see KOY as GOOD or Evil. But a collection of both. Balance so to speak. AT times the outside forces brought the balance :D


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Ahhh How is he and what game is he into as of late? Now if he wants to vent frustrations, I got to say Black Hawk Down and Joint Operations are perfect. :D


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He's a carebear. Its heartbreaking. *holds out shattered bits of chaotic heart*. He's playing DAOC.

He says he got all he wants from Yserbius in the form of me. Personally I think he's just as good at a good spin as he ever was and he just wants me to stop trying to get him involved in this site. :) Ah well...

*looks for trouble*


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Never met you Rainstorm, but I like ya. I always liked Balor and he'd never believe it cause he was so busy insulting me, but I just thought it was funny. I'm weird that way. Make me laugh, I like you.


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Rainstorm is definitely on the up and up

I can certainly vouch for his time in Panama (not that he needs me to). Back when Diablo came out, I mailed copies of the game to him and his wife so they could play. I even have one of the t-shirts from his spec-ops team he sent me.

Of course, I could just be saying this. :roll:

I guess you could say Rainstorm was busy putting his life on the line serving his country instead of trading banter with an old KoY arch nemesis.


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I think Rainstorm answered my question sufficiently. Thank you for the reiteration of what he said. It was unnecessary, but heartwarming.

My thanks go out to each and every person that does something to defend my way of life. I do my part day in and day out as a mother of the future generation of those that either will defend us, or will be grateful for those that do. I love my job.

I don't have an arch nemesis though, never having risen as high in any sort of format as Rainstorm did. On the other hand, where would the rulers be without us, the masses.


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Holy Cow

Wow it's nice to see some of the old KOY members. I have been looking for a Yserbius site for a long time and I fianlly found one.

Not sure if anyone remembers me but I played under MarkST and STMark and I think Allison was the one that invited me into the guild. It was so long ago I am trying to remember all the good times that were had.

I was hoping to see crys here so if she is posting under another name let me know.


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Listle said:
Wow, Mark! Alli used to translate for you! <grin> Send her a PM, I'm sure she'd get a kick out of hearing from you :)
Haha I totaly forgot about that until you mentioned it.

I think I was like 13 back then, so I can see why I needed a translator (I still have issues with typing).

Also I am playing WoW now on the Mannoroth server. Is anyone else playing this game. I have yet to find any game close to SoY or FoT but I am enjoying WoW right now.

Also thanks for the link Daven


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:/Hail, KOY!!:/

Rainy, Nymph, wow! I'm both happy and a bit sad to see all these names from Dragon Court here on my screen for the first time in years. Hopefully more folks will turn up, as I've lost contact with most.

I remember Lord Cie's name, too.... didn't you have one of the lost INN'rs websites? It's been a long time since I've tried to track anyone down.

Once and while I break out Twinion and tromp around. I was never able to play Yserbius ofline by myself, it always seemed too sad.

Best wishes and big hugs to all,



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Greetings Vel! Welcome! Be sad no longer my friend, Yserbius will rise again... :wink:

We of Yserbius didn't just play a game, we became family! Whoa... Thats deep....