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Wow, this is a giant flood of memories. I never in my wildest dreams ever figured I'd find the INN people again.

I have no idea if anyone might remember me from all the years ago, and honestly I don't know if I care. There's not much that compares to the old days of this game, but I suppose all of you know that.

At any rate, if I could get someone to create me a login to the tavern that'd be awesome, I always load up my solo copy of yserbius and feel really lonely without being able to go there. Maybe i'll catch some of you around.



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Send a pm to Slohand,, umm wait I am slohand.... hehe,, I will be putting the tavern back online this weekend was doing some database work and the system has been down and work has been killing me. will send everyone who has requested a password this weekend sorry for the delay... Slo