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Houses and Yards


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We are planning on selling land next to your house, to make a harvesting area, or to have a front yard, decorated a bit. We are not able to block any roads or walkways but we will discuss your request for decorations/yards and make a final decision whether or not we are able to do it. This will be done with in game gold or checks.

You are now able to have 2 houses per account. Just use a placement tool to place your second house. There are a couple of players that have tested this in game with out any negative outcomes.

Join the fun.

~/ Beramar


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For Sale

Near Luna, a fine yard, house foundation, and garden has been placed for sale. It is a very nice setup. The asking price is 3 million gold. For that price, we will place and decorate to suit you. The only thing you need to do is finish the house. You should check it out and save your money.

I also want to remind you that you can purchase a fenced yard and/or decorations for your yard also.

~/ Ber