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Island of DOOM! Part Two


Message for Upgrade
(to all)

Listening to the sound of breaking surf is nice way to fall asleep. You just wish the bed wasn't so hard. And it feels like sand is in the sheets.



You open your eyes and find yourself on a stretch of beach. Other bodies have washed up as well. From the low snores and moans, they probably aren't corpses.

Flotsam and jetsam also litter the beach.

Twenty yards away is a jungle.


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Wh.. where?

<Pushes himself out of the sand> Ugh... What happend... I'm getting tired of waking up this way...

<rubs his head, brushing sand from his face, looks around for Raisa and the others.>


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*The eyestalks of a scuttling crab briefly flashed before her unfocused gaze. A small vise of a claw pinched her left nostril, causing her to shriek and sit up abruptly with an enterprising crab attached to her nose. It dropped off, a victim of gravity and the inertia caused by her wildly shaking head*


*Falling back upon the sand, face up this time, she searched the sky for Birdwyser. Surely she HAD seen him attacking Lassiter before the world had gone wet, rumbling, then black as the wave spewed them out into the ocean like chunks of greasy barely digested meat from the mouth of a projectile vomiter.*

She mumbled, "Yes... you are the other white meat.", and passed out in the glare of the sun.


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<struggles to wakefullness once again> Sheesh... this is getting to be ridiculous... <shakes sand from hands and hair> There is sand in places that will soon turn to diamonds if I'm not careful...<squints from the sun, looking up and down the beach>I'm going to have one heck of a sun burn...


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Well the heck with this. I've been in these rags for god knows how long and now I'm being slowly sandpapered to death. I think that I'll take my chances that there will be some clean cool water in those trees over there < slowly drags my weary bones towards the trees in hopes of a bath and at least grateful for the shade>


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<staggers to his feet and follows Raisa>

Uhm.. You'r wearing a.. Well, now, sandpapered dress, that used to be a fine silk dress... <grins>

<Checks his personal affects>


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No let me clarify that. I'm wearing what remains of a fine silk dress... now held together by sand. I fully intend to rectify that as soon as I can find a pool of water deep enough to sink into. < looks back at Tiger> I'm fine on my own... go find your own water.


Message for Upgrade
<The boat moans as it begins to capsize. With a SNAP it breaks apart and sinks>
<Dapper Dan opens his eyes and see's the broken twig under his feet. Blimey! No doubt she heard that... bloody elven ears! Dan quickly and quitely tumbles into the underbrush. It was another perfect afternoon in the dale. So it was decided by Kiara that a game of hide-n-seek should be played. The younger Dan was no match for his step-sister. She being older only in elf years compared to the half-elven Dan. Crouching low in the brush Dan scanned the area for her. Movement, yes somebody was coming... shh. He smiled with the though of ambushing her... tackling her to the mossy forest floor. Giggling as they playfully wrestled each other hoping to better the other. His feelings for her ran deeper then step kin. Again the idea of being in love with his step sister entered his mind. Was it right? Voices... gruff manly voices approaching. He watched as two men in tattered clothes and unkept beards closed the gap on him>
"A fair catch she'll make"
"Agreed mate"
<The two men carring cutlass's passed by Dan. Pirates!>
"North she be. Polly's perfume gives her 'way"
<The other pirate chunkles in delight>
"A fine prize indeed..."
<Fear causes Dan to tightly close his eye's... trying to keep a horrible vision from his mind. They must be talking about Kiara. I have to help her... I have no weapon... no match... you bloody coward STAND! A scream runs through the forest. Paralyzed Dan can only listen at the far off struggle.>
<Dan's closed lips tremble... a tear rolls down his face... he whispers...> Kiara...
<Dapper Dan bolts up to a sitting position. His eye's searching the horizon. She's not there. He wipes the tears away and whispers...>
I'm coming...


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*Her skin was on fire. It hurt to scowl up at the relentless sun. She rolled to her hands and knees, the tiny vest and fez of the pirate monkey fell out of her gaping neckline. Rising to her feet she scooped them up and redeposited them. The silverware was long gone. She needed water, shade, the jungle beckoned. Staggering in a drunken pirate's gait - she scowled reflexively at the thought of pirates and winced - she covered the distance to the jungle and slide down the trunk of an exotic tree. Moss and humus lined its roots. Mixing a handful of the moisture rich dirt and the soothing cool moss, she mashed it into a poltice and spread it across her face and neck. Bliss. She thought she'd just lay against the moss for a few minutes and then she'd find the others. She didn't know how many bodies on the beach were friend or foe. The exhaustion of trauma, no matter fervently ignored, claimed her and she fell unconcious for the third time that day, or was it the fourth? It'd been a really bad day...*


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<sighing heavily I turn to see who is barking orders again, noting the crossbow my temper begins to flare> No...no.... NO! I will not stop just because YOU order me to. I'm hot, I'm tired, I'm sunburned and I've got sand where God never intended sand to reach. I've been kidnapped, left in rags, no food, little water, seasick, the ship burned underneath my feet and then tossed on this godforsaken island. I will NOT stop until I am clean and rested. I hear water inside this jungle and I'm going to find it. Shoot if you have too... <turns back and stomps towards the jungle>MEN!


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Not somone else to give us orders... Look, my friend... My name is Tiger.... And you are?

As for pirates, we are no pirates... In fact, we just left that party...

<brushes sand out of my hair and face> Look, perhaps we could discuss this over some food and drink, like civilized people?


Message for Upgrade

"You got any? I gots some coconuts and bananas, but nothin' else?"

"And if you aint no pirate, why do you be dressed like one?"

(levels crossbow at Tiger)


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<looks at attire> Well, thats because we, my friends and I, over took our pirate guard, knocked his butt flatt and took his clothes in hope of disguising myself. Surely such a desguise would fool one as you.

Bananas and coconuts would be fine...

<does not appear to be affraid of the crossbow>


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*slowly focusing on the canopy of trees above her she spotted a monkey staring down at her. She hooted at it.*

Hoot! Hoo Hoo Hoo HOOT!

*It scampered deeper into the branches, tail flicking agitatedly. The snap of underbrush motivated her to sit up and see if a threat was approaching. It was Raisa.*

Hey, over here!

*Her green and brown smeared face and neck acted as a sort of camoflauge in the shadows of the jungle. She stood and tottered over to where Raisa was looking around, trying to locate the source of the call.*

Water. Food. Weapons. A really tall tree. These are the things that we needs.


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<Still muttering about what miserable creatures men are, I fight my way through the dense underbrush, swatting at mosquitos as large as hummingbirds. My rant is interupted by a low call, "Hey over here"... did I actually hear it?, Turning around I come face to face with Lady China, her eyes alight with what could be brilliance or madness.>"Thank goodness you are safe... the pirates are all over the beach and now there is another dreadful man as well. Are you all right? Nothing broken?"


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I lost my tableware. Gained a sunburn. Retained my monkey vest and fez. *patted her ragged bodice for verification* Nothing broken. Everything bruised. Level of thirst extreme. Hunger low - I ate the pirates leftovers while helping Dap throw fresh water kegs out the hatch,window,porthole thingy. *her eyes widened* FRESH WATER KEGS!
They should have washed up on the same beach we did. OH, now there's a motivating thought.

*She began to move slowly towards the edge of the jungle on feet used to being stealthy in a wooden environment.*

I'll just use the brush for cover, see who's awake on the friend or foe teams, and try to spot those water kegs. Err... what was your plan?