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Lol its amazing how much of a Pack rat I am.


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Ok found my book I had on Yserbius back then.

I think our Guild was Soldier of Fortune. I know that our King was Turk and Tamlyn was our Queen We also had Paladin as our Prince.

Myself I was named Allanon and my cousin was Alesor. We also had alot of folks Dark, Lady Hawk, Dracul, Beh-lem Sir Trans, Metal, Norgard and alot of other folk.

If anyone of you all hanging here or know them send them my way. hehe


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..Ahh SOF, remember that Guild name at least, but to long ago to be naming names. I held on to my hand written maps, log books, Guild news letters and floppy backups of my character forever before they succumbed to the ravages of time. :(
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