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need help please


Staff member
I need to modify our meta file here are the names i have so far please fill in all you can so i can add to the list. Thanks

Yserbius,yserbius,Shadows of Yserbius,shadows of yserbius,sierra,Sierra Online, The Sierra Network,Imagination Network, The Imagination Network,Download,Programs,Maps,Data,Archives,Abandonware,Abandoned Software,Yserbians, Yserbius Walkthrough,Yserbius Walkthru,Yserbius Walk Through, Ken Williams, Roberta Williams, AOL, En-li-kil, Kingdom of Yserbius, Realms, RPG, MUD, MMORPG, Online Games, Offline Games, RPG DOWNLOADS, Rpg Downloads, Knights, Barbarians, Orcs, Theif, Wizard, Cleric, Dwarf, Volcano, Final Quest, RolePlay Inn, Lance Lair, Sword Swamp, Misty Hollow, Witches Way, Evil Way, Mace Manor, Fear Forest, Celts, The Celts, Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game,

Please keep this list going i need tons of words...


Message for Upgrade
If you're trying to include all the server names in case people haven't found us by searching for the more obvious key-words, I noticed 'Dragon Court' was missing. :D