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New Terrain Tool


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Couple of ScreenShots of Early YS2 Developement Here we are testing Terrain editing tools. not perfect but something to look at

texture on the ground needs to be rescaled just test shots


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I COMMEND all of you behind creating a new HOME for us :/ :/ :/
When Yserbius ceased to exist, my world changed! I miss all my friends, kept one till now, Acidus and know of two who married after meeting there. From loving, funfilled enjoyment, even some hanky panky, hey, it's a cano! , to some sad things happening to some of the people we knew well enough to meet and chat on the phone with, hell, cell phones weren't bigger than Yserbius then! geeeee! To death and suicides because sometimes this damn world is just too cruel for some people.

Whew! *wipes brow*

Well I went through cold turkey for a while without this place. A physical pain so terrible, and to see this place now...choked me up...*gets a tissue*

Well enough said! Hail to all Yserbius is! :/


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These screens were of a Terrain Tool we are experimenting with. currently there is a good chance developement will be moving onto a better and more mature development system than the one currently being used. Slo


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Looking Good

Hey Slo just wanted to drop in and say Hi. YS2 is looking great reminds me of the elder scrolls oblivian. can't wait for the demo to come out so I can beat the hell out of it and let you know my input. May not be able to help technically but will love to add my input on how the game runs getting ready to build a mega rig for it can't wait :) see everyone in YSUO for now happy gaming everyone:)