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Odd Firefox bug


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Hey, Shoey!

Which version of Firefox are you running? Some folks have had mmmmm... interesting experiences with 1.06... I saw that there is an update, but after the time I spent making 1.06 work, I'm a smidge gunshy... or is that TWOD shy? :lol:


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Hail Listle!

hmm.. I checked things out, I was running version 1.04. Then I downloaded and installed 1.06 and tried to login again. D'oh, same problem, blank screen. It's not that big of a deal, I can switch browsers easy enough. It just strikes me as odd because I've never seen that happen before.



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Odd... as I'm running 1.06 and not having a problem... If you type in www.yserbius.org in the address bar, do you get in ok? Might be a problem with a malformed bookmark (doesn't that sound painful?). And have you done the usual flush cache/delete cookies, etc?

Turns out the update was only to a theme, so I was gunshy FNAR... :oops:


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ya know most times, i have found if you delete your cookies you fix alot of the problems. ,, just a suggestion,, Slo


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nope, same darn problem. on both my machines hehe. no complaints but I hope it doesnt prevent other people from getting in.