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Ok I need a guinea Pig


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Ok I need a Guinea pig and its going to cost you to volunteer lol...

I just set up a new feature that will allow folks who can to donate to the site. While i dont expect everyone to be able to, those of us who can myself included, I would like to see help support this site. Last months cost was over $50 bucks and already this month We have used over 2 gigs of bandwidth and only have the months gone. This cost includes advertising also.

What i need is a volunteer to click on the icon on the left side and go through the process for me and send like a dollar I need to be sure this system is working ok and it will keep track of donations. if someone couple please do that, It does require a paypal account, I would do it myself but i only have one 1 paypal account and am using it for this. I would appreciate anyone with a paypal account to send me some kind of a donation to test it.. thanks Slohand


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Be My PayPal

I'll give it a try :)

I'm Verified, baybee...

Slo, how do you do the sword thingy? Someone asked, but I couldn't find the reference



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ok so i need to work on this some more sigh its killing me ,, you make the sword with the tilde key same as in Yserbius and you can also use the colonslashforward key combination i use the tilde key myself thanks i will work on the program and may need to refund your money so you can send it again if you guys dont mind.. thanks Slo


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Wow it worked lol,,,

Thanks for helping me with that, if you would like i will send your money back now, unless you want to leave it for the fund

Everyone else please consider this module working if you guys want to contribute. thanks Slohand