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Orcs are on the loose and they have a plan!

Orcs have been gathering in groups. When one group of orcs was killed Zaira found a book in one of their packs. All that it said was "Plans for Britain" or something like that, Zaira can tell you exactly what it said. The orcs seem to be up to something, we could use some help finding out what it is. :D


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I will pass the word to those I know of and help with rallying assistance. we must end this uprising before it takes hold. Slo


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Not the ale!

I shall take up guard at The Salty Dog tavern! By offering 'ol Sea-Legs Sawyer my protection, maybe I can pay off me tab.


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Good show Rando! *Looks at Sea Legs' depleted ale reserves* I don't think there's enough ale here for the two of us... move on!


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Aye, What an adventure lastnight!!! The men were amazing at defending Britain. I was too!!!! *snorts* Awww, and we are not done yet! The reward for a night's work was worth more in fabulous gifts than we could have dreamed of!!! Or our payment for triumph or death! *mutters she doesn't want to be Orc stew* ;)


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Yep it's me Sid .. I'm a little Blacksmith now in YSUO and to be honest I'm not quite sure where I am. I need to find a comat macro reference becase I'm tired of clicking that Dummy like a dummy.
Ok, here's what happened last night. A bunch of us went to the Orc Cave and killed a Orc Commander, he looked different than the rest of the Orcs, he was red. Maybe he was mad or has high blood pressure from having to lead a bunch of Orcs. We all know that Orc's aren't the brightest Crayola in the box so it has to be a frustrating job. :D Any way, we got a book, this is what it said.

Book Title - Plans

By - The Orc Commander

Page 1 (blank)

Page 2 (blank)

Page 3 Our ultimate goal is to capture Lord British. If he is gone, the moral will be broken and we can take the rest of the town.

Page 4 We will need to take out the guards in secret, then we will send a small force through the NW entrance, SE of the Cemetery.

Page 5 Our main force will enter Britain over the foot bridge on the SW side of town.

Page 6 Go east past the bank to the Main Gate and then straight west. Storm the Castle of Lord British. The gate should be unlocked.

Page 7 Remember, we want him alive, if at all possible.

Pages 8 thru 20 (blank)

We went to the castle of Lord British and there were some Orcs there. After we took care of them, Lord British himself came out of hiding. He was Nekid, he told us that Orcs attacked him and took his armor. He was able to use his magic to hide as the Orcs were busy looking at the armor that they just took off of him. Then he told us that the Orcs we just killed were an advance scout party. If that was a scouting party then the main invasion is going to be rough, Jandar ended up dying and Vena put up a good fight. If it wasn't for Sidd casting heal on us and me constantly wrapping bandages on myself I would of died too. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Lord British said he didn't want to be taken by the Orcs alive. He would rather be killed than have the Orcs use him in anyway against us.

Here's what I think. Somehow we have to get Lord British his armor back then maybe he will be fighting with us against the Orcs when they attack. I might be wrong, I've been wrong before. It just seems wrong that we have a nekid King roaming around the castle. :D


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Regarding how it happened...

Thanks for forgetting me Lord Haze*throws an Orcish Kin head she picked off a dead Orc lastinight at him, bashing a gash in his head* Have Sidd heal that!!!*stomps off to hunt*


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*Tosses some garlic around and mutters the words* Some health for Haze and some Elven glasses for Vena. hahahaha.
Save the fightin for the orcs :p

I been looking for Lord British Queen.....maybe the orcs took her armor too??.... ;)


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Elven glasses...

Muhahahahahaaaa!!! *splits her pants from laughing* Sidd your too funny!!! *takes off to find a sewing kit*
Here is the latest on the orc invasion. Last night Vena, Gav and Drallam went out to check all the orc forts. When we checked the large orc fort between Luna and Umbra Gav and Vena went in one side while Drallam went in the other side. After killing all the orcs, including one very large angry red orc brute we found another book. This one gave the time and date of the attack on Britain. According to the book the attack will be at 9:30EST on the 4th of August. While checking the fort for any orcs that might be hiding we happened upon six treasure chests, we grabbed the loot out of them and suddenly Lord British himself teleported in and thanked us for finding out when the invasion would begin. As Lord British was thanking us, the cousin of the orc that stole his armor showed up, with one strike of his sword Lord British put him down. He then told us there was a reward waiting for us outside the Role Play Inn outside the south gate of Luna. When we got there, piles of gold littered the ground. After picking up all the gold we went inside the tavern for an ale. Inside there was a chest for each of us from Lord British.

On the 4th we will need all the help we can get in fighting the attacking orcs. Remember, they will be coming in from two different directions. Polish up your armor and shapren your swords, we can't let the orcs take over Britain.


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It was a grand battle. I hope the next one goes just as well. As Haze said, we will need a lot of help. I can think of many people that I hope show up. Zaire and Jae come to mind but I have a feeling that we could use more help. Please come and join us in the fight!!!! Sidd


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Siddhartha said:
I been looking for Lord British Queen.....maybe the orcs took her armor too??.... ;)
*Picks his head off the bar* Nekid Queenies!?
*Rubs the sleep from his eye's* Maybe I was dreaming...(?)
*Downs the rest of his ale and stands* I shalt not take the chance...
*Navic strikes his Hero pose as the clouds part releasing the sun to flow thru the stain glass windows and bath him in an angelic light*
Ahh... hey Sea Legs... one more before I go *hic*


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Thanks to all who have assisted me these past few days.

I hope to be able to join the battle soon.

I ventured to Britain but was attacked quickly by foul beasties.

I was able to flee back to the moongate before being a subject of an out of body experiment.