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State of Yserbius WoW address January 30th 2013


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Well its been a busy week in wow for the little guild that could. Reach level 5 as a guild which means the guild starts a little cash on it's own as we quest, this will help with guild repairs. On a side note we have members that may be familiar to you guys.

Cleowyn was on last night. I see Arnakkian in our ranks as well. Locally you guys will remember Steelcelt.

Mostly it has been a grind, Slohand is a level 61 Pally and works as a Protection Tank not exciting work but busy at times. That Dwarf Taater is finishing off and is 89 congrats on your hard work grinding up to 90.

I guess the biggest topic of new members is the current state of PVP on the server. Since Blizzard went to a shared server zones on some servers like BH it has become horrible. At times 5 or 6 PVP deaths in quick succession are experienced. Having always played PVP servers it is nothing new to me but those of you coming from a PVE or Roleplay server will at first find it disconcerting. You may even dislike it and not want to play. That i would like to talk about.

I personally feel that Blizzard has had some sort of breakdown in this area. a level 90 our ganking a level 25 or 30 for sport is not sport when your the 25 or 30. They seem to keep raising the level caps and leaving zones the same, so the slaughter only gets worse with time. Perhaps one day they will figure out how to prevent some of it. Basically what i see happening is those level 90's who can't pvp well at their own level seem to be the culprits here. I say this because as soon as real PVP toons show up to spank them for ganking they are doing to their lowbies, these gankers cant PVP with real PVP'rs it is really quiet funny to watch how easy the gankers get owned lol.

Having played through this PVP since 2005 let me offer a few tips.

1. If you are getting repeatedly ganked by same toon who seems to be harassing you, take a break while in ghost form, go get a drink or whatever you need to do and then come back.most times you will see they have moved on.
2. Do not stand still or stay in a PVP active area long. do your business and get out.
3. Kill your mobs in the corners of zones where not a lot of activity goes on.
4. Once your toon is 90 take time to PVP in the BG's and learn the art of PVP and get some gear, then when your future lowbies are getting ganked you can always log on your 90 and teach these guys a thing or two.
5. Understand that you are on a _PVP_ server and this is part of life on this type of server. Slohand had 16 honorable kills before he was 40, All from defending his self from close level wannabe gankers. it is all part of the cycle and we all go through it. It makes you a better PVP'r
6.If you are getting serial ganked call on others in your area to bring their 90's everyone enjoys the chance to spank a ganker. Call on your guild as well.

Our most active member this week was Tibetonia who made over 28 levels on his rogue at the last l looked. Tibetonia look in your mail soon i believe Taater has something on it's way to you for being the most active.

Adding a vent server soon and will be posting the info on the MOTD.

Well thats all for today hope to hear from your guys and to those who havent come over yet, we are waiting! cya soon Slohand


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PVP might be a deal-breaker for me :( I don't care when two people decide to battle it out...but I hate being jumped by total strangers...errr...that didn't come out quite the way I intended :) I finally made a fighter on Yserbius...a gremlin, what else?...and pumped her up to a ridiculous level on "vitamins" and answered someone's challenge...but don't remember who...don't remember her name...don't remember the outcome <roflol> I would bring her out for RP but I was never a fighter among my friends :)

Maybe I'll start a Yserbius guild on LOTRO...I have enough characters there to be a guild in and of myself :p

Does the guild still function...and...would I be safe if I started a Veldare?


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I Have Cawador Twinion & Yserbius off-Line Version. Pleas Hall of Heros scan my hard drive under games 2 files and you will have a Copy Today.


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Off-Line Version

I have Cawador Yserbius & Twinion Off-Line Version Hall of Hreros Scan my Hard Drive under Games 2 Folder and have Copy Today.