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Taters for everyone!!


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*Leather Straps on a old door make a soft sound as a short non descript dwarf wearing nothing but a Red Thong pads across the tavern floor into Dragons Court. The smell of sweat, ale and the general odor of not having bathed for since he was 2 months old when he mum accidently drupped him in the creek out back... His short stubby feet pad quickly cross the room to the new dance floor construct by friend Navic with a shiny pole in the center*

"Good job Navic!!", growls the Dwarf.

*fingers barely petrucing from some resemblance of a hand graps the the pole. sensing its owner near the magic pole blast music through the bar. as Tater begins a slow dance*

*Wildly the Dwarf dances across the stage, leaping occasionaly grasping the pole and spinning wildly to the beat of the music*

"Yes Tater is back!!! and hes shaking his money maker!!" hips undulating to the rising beat!!

"Dragon court is open tonight for drinks and entertainment come watch me shake me money makers" shouts Tater as loud as possible!!


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<Yelling over the blaring music as he walks out from the back room>
Did I hear my name!?
Ha-ha… Tater 'ol buddy! I'd ask what's shaking but unfortunately I've already seen it. I see your practicing for the event this Friday... you'll certainly draw a crowd my friend :p

It's good to see ya again!


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Yeppers I be shakin this made for lovin LadyChina body of mine gettin ready fer Friday night!!!

Bump and Grind Baby!!! tell me whos yer daddy!!! whos yer daddy!!!

*Amidst the wash of magical lights and sound the whirl of dwarven flesh cast shadows on the walls as Tater, the non descript dwarf wearing a brightly colored and obviouly new red thong, keeps the beat to the music*

Wha ya hidin yer eyes fer friend Navic?!!! i got this amazing fisseeek of mine eeking out a living on the dance floor :) Dwarfs gots to do what a dwarfs gots to do my friend!! was a long time since the cano closed so i had to eat keep up the payments on me Tavern!!


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<Hands shielding eyes as he approaches the stage>

Hiya Tater, hope to see you Friday night in the Tavern. going to be interesting to see the old place fill up. Slo


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Tater said:
Wha ya hidin yer eyes fer friend Navic?!!!
Why...? uhh... I have one of those Luna moths in my eye... Hold on a sec I have something that'll help... <walks over to the side of the stage... while making sure his "injured" eye is Tater, err, stage side... pushes a cloudy blue button... a slight whirling sound comes from under the stage as a few vents open from stage side... soon a steady fog pours out... >
I just added this the other night... I thought it would <cough> enhance your performance... it really sets off the colored lights.
<Eyes the "Pea Soup" fog setting before deciding to take shelter behind the bar>
Rock on Bro! 8)


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Walks back into the Tavern. After a brief time spent over in RolePlay Inn tavern. a short non descript dwarf, wearing only a worn Red thong pads quickly across the room to the mail basket

Chuckles, " I won me a what?" what the blazes be a " makes some garbled sound in dwarven tongue

"ok ok send me way i will try this out" looks sort of sideways, "supposed is gonna be hard teaching a old dwarf new tricks"chuckles, "Or manners!"

**Farts so hard he laughs**


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Tater, I wouldn't touch Cyren with a 10-foot pole, unless you want your appendage to fall off *shows Tater the box Cyren has in her backpack of Dewm's appendage* 8O


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Hahaha, my bad, Cyren is right, we got too drunk in the Swamp and I just ripped it right off :D It'll grow back....I hope... 8O


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There is a flash of light and a puff of smoke. Suddenly a halfling materializes out of thin air. There is a sulferous stench in the air.

"That is the LAST time I book my vacation on Hellspawnexpress.com."

"What'd I miss?"


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(waves away the wisps of smoke)

"Well, I thought getting a free Tour The Hells package would have been a good deal. It was advertised as a true "Vacation Hot Spot". They promised no-waiting steam rooms, all the devil's food cake and deviled eggs I could eat as well as a cruise on the river Styx."

"But it turned out to be a big marketing ploy to get me to sell my soul. Everytime I turned around, there was another demonic salesman trying to get me to give it up."

"So one word of advice, if you accept one of their vacation trips..."


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If anyone is truly bored,...I mean interested enough, I am posting a plane by plane travelogue of my vacation in Hell over in the Journal section.


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Ahhh tis a new air abut this place!! Hail Cyren and Fleetwood,, LTNS Wow Slo this is really looking up, liking this alot.... Tater