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The quiet tavern


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<Shoe wakes up and swats recklessly at invisible things that nightmares carry over to his conscious mind. He kicks a little more, then stops and opens his eyes, looking around.>

'My room in the tavern, yes.. on my cozy bed. Hmm.. I have some odd dreams'

<He gets up and walks downstairs to the main room, looks around. Quiet, cozy.. nothing disturbed. People are quietly talking amongst themselves.
Shoe walks outside looking over the landscape, then walks to a well and works the pump for a while before giving up. He then walks back in the tavern and into the backroom and finds some half-made boots he was working on>

"Well, it appears this is a worthless pursuit"
<tosses the half made boots in a safe and locks it tight. He then goes out to the main room, and sits at a table across from MourningGlory and her parrot>

"Sooo.. whats happening?"

<He reaches in his pocket and takes some bread out and tosses it to the bird, accidentally landing some crumbs in someone's eye>

"Oh! Sorry about that. Musta been a stray draft or sumthin."

<he reaches for something in another pocket then feels something sticky. Looking down he sees half his clothes covered in a thick weave of white tacky material of some sort>

"Yuck. Guess I musta been cleaning the cobwebs out with my body eh hehe. Next time I'll bring a broom for sure. Ahh well"

<sighs, grabs a drink, then rests his head on his hands>

"I suppose I'll need to go travelling to find supplies for the tavern here."


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(Beaker fell backwards trying to catch the overthrown bread. Feathers fluffed in ire he straightened to his full 18 inches, grabbed the bread from the floor, and hopped with an affected limp back to Mourninglory, tilting a beady eye upwards to see if she'd made note of his plight.)

"Yo, biatch! My ass need a secure source of income. Y'alls goin to have to get motivated an' get a job soon! My ass need a ho dat can keep me in all tha seeds a parrizzle coul' be wantin'. My ass have plans, dog, mad big plans. An' its gettin col'. I be a tropical bird. My ass need a fur coat. An' a cane. This ghetto stick you've got me sittin on while y'alls job huntin across tha Realm be ruinin my image."

-It's "Pimps an' Ho's", Beaker, not "Parrots an' women that can Hoe".-

(Beaker swallowed a chunk of bread and brightened his beady gaze on Mourninglory.)

"Don't make me molt. Y'alls wouldn't like me when I be moltin."

(She sighed, put her head in her hands and wished she had a drink)


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"Daaamm ain't he fo shizzle sum two bit greedy foo...
erm, what a greedy bird you got there, miss! Say, you know if you are down on your luck I can put word out about your dancin skills, if that's how you make a living. I don't know if the rains shall fall again upon this land, so I suppose hoeing the fields won't be of much use"

<gets up and walks upstairs. A few minutes later he comes back down with a bag slung over his shoulder, with supplies and the few plats and golds he has left packed inside>

"I plan to return with some supplies for this tavern, and hopefully more patrons! Help yourself to the bar"

<Shoe walks by MourningGlory and 'accidentally' knocks the parrot off her shoulder with my bag>

"Oops. so sorry" <he winks and is gone out the door>


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Hey there, Shoehorn. I see yer on yer way out as I'm on me way in. I've got some seasonal plants ta make the Evil Way tavern more umm... festive. I'll just do me work, and when ya get back, I'll tell ya how my new boots held up ta the dust an' the miles.

::waving ta the big barb, she began to place brillant orange pumpkins and scary bits a dried swampweed in a artistic like pattern around the tavern foundations. Near the door she placed straw bales an' a few victims of a medusa rat. The cats were eternally frozen in a hunch backed, hair raised, claws extended, fangs exposed hiss. Well the pussies' misfortune was her glad tidings. Colorful hard kerneled corn cobs were laid on every table on the inside, with small vibrantly yellow an' orange gourds on either side. Perfect. She looked at the slumped figure at a table. A parrot glared at her with a beady black eye and threatened::

"I'm a wabbit huntew, yu wook wike a wabbit to me. Pink ewes, wiggawee nose, no whiskews though. I pwedict a bwoody eastaw."

::She ignored the bird, but made a note ta tell her ma that she knew why daft an' stupid people were called "bird brained".::


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*Bones lands a bit clumsily in front of the tavern, and dismounts his trusty 'steed', along with his passenger Trephine. He looks around at the interesting decorations surrounding the tavern, then calls out to his friends, who come out from the forest*

[Liz'rd] "massster, sssomethingsss wrong"

[Bones] "Liz'rd, Bob, Boo, this is Trephine. You've all seen her but I introduce her now as a new DMY member."

[Bob] "konichiwa"
[Boo] "Hello sweetheart"
[Liz'rd] "right, hi. *turning to Bones* massster, you mussst ssssee"

[Bones] "First we shall feast and drink this night away like starved pigs! Then this next morn we shall tend to the more pressing matter of tomorrow's EA meeting"

*Liz'rd starts to speak again, hesitates, then sighs and follows Bones and the rest inside the tavern.*

[Bones] "Ahh, the flower peddler is here. I thnk Bob would like to file a complaint with you about that pollen mixture of yours... But for the meantime.. who's in charge of meals around here? We have loot and empty stomachs to fill here!"

*Bob walks over to the parrot and starts poking at it*


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*Bones taps his boney fingers on the counter waiting for some service*

[Bones] "Looks like a self-serve facility to me"

*BOM2000 rolls up to the skeleton shortly and open a cabinet in his chest cavity, exposing a variety of drinks*

[Bones] "Peculiar. But it'll do"

*He grabs drinks for all his companions, and hands them out*

[Bones] "Here's to finally finding our way back home!" *He raises his mug and clangs it against all the others who cheer enthusiastically*

*Liz'rd then motions to Bones to come talk to him in the corner*

[Bones] "Trephine, why not check out whats in the kitchen to eat, I trust you can find the good stuff ;)"

*Bones walks to Liz'rd, who explains what he has found out in visiting the DMY gathering hall*

[Bones] "WHAT?! This cannot be. Show me!"

*Bones and Liz'rd walk to the door. He motions to Bob and Boo to stay behind with Trephine for the meantime*

*Across the short patch of forest the two travel to the DMY EA meeting hall, and inside they come upon the charred corpse of a giant spider, its blood spilt upon and staining the surface of the hall's floor. Bones's eyesockets glow red with anger*

[Bones] "Curse it! What.. WHO did this?! Who dared violate the sanctity of this place?! This is sacrilege! Whoever is responsible, I want his head! We shall not tolerate those who seek to destroy our kind."

[Liz'rd] *grinning* "massster, doesss thissss mean we sssshal sssspill blood ourssselves?"

[Bones] "I.. I.." *he pauses, and sighs* "No, I shall not simply destroy another based on this incident. I seek justice mind you!. BUT... truths need to be revealed and motivations uncovered first."

*Liz'rd sighs, desperate himself to live the thrill of another battle*

[Bones] "Fret not, good friend. We will take this being by force! And back here we will drag him to answer before our counsel. He SHALL be punished you have my word"

*Liz'rd extends his tongue and catches the scent of a 'Beast' upon it. He grins and tells his master he can track the being down. Together, the two follow the scent and leave Evil Way, on a path that was recently tread by ShoeHorn*