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Website Attacked


Staff member
In case anyone is curious as to what happened this morning Our website was attacked by what or whom I am not sure yet but we have alot of IP stuff in the server to look through. I noticed something yesterday that was strange and now looking back it is clear what was happening.. I noticed several inquiries into the website through a who is service Ya see I have a window on version of this website that shows me alot of things. ie IP addresses where every is on the site and when someone comes here from another website via a link I can see where they came from. I also can see All IP's and all pages ever visited from registered and unregistered people.. This helps us here at Yserbius to be able to provide materials and areas where most interest is generated. ie forums. So anyhow to make it short We were attacked and it caused several core systems to fail on the server and several key files were corrupted and had to be replaced as well as a Full System Reboot and the replacement of several key applications. No website is bullet proof obviouslybut we were able to withstand it this time. The master website that controls this website was also attacked and they were a little more successful with that one. they were able to clone the site and install Spam in the form of Pop Ups So i guess Yserbius.Org faired pretty well.. Well i just wanted to let everyone know what happened this morning ,, and say thanks to those who were helping me with the errors. Thanks Slohand