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What you up to? 12-5-18


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Well today I am off to my 5 yr olds Christmas concert, and then back home to get back into YS2. I have a working game now but need to get some more mobs and NPCs made to start the storylines. We need more dangerous mobs. Thinking my first add is going to be a dragon lol. Yea I know we won’t have them spawning all over the place. But we have to have a dragon somewhere lol. Wasn’t the mob in the pump room a dragon? Can’t remember. Slohand


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I'm currently Alpha testing 3 games (no, Star Citizen doesn't count even if they *claim* to be in alpha). New World for Amazon (so far over 400 bugs found and reported but mostly environmental bugs...terrain, textures, boundary holes, etc.), Anthem for EA (can't even log in to their server stress...so I guess we are stressing their servers! LOL) and Torchlight Frontiers (just playing, no real bugs to find).

Looking forward to Alpha test Y2! -)



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Sounds like fun, i am with you on Star Citizen, i have a bunch of ships bought and will not buy anymore until i see some actual real game time. they have a huge revenue stream right now and if they finish the game it will dry up. so when it does go live, their interest level will dry out and that will be that. To bad though, had they stuck to the original plan we would have an amazing game by now.

I can say this though they have spent that money on developing some amazing technology. at some point a big company will buy them out just to own that tech they developed. which again could spell doom for Star Citizen and its investors(us)

Doesn't matter the only game i am interested in is YS2.