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YS II Mapping


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As you folks know that after we complete the Yserbius remake the 3D version Yserbius II "The return" Will move into Developement I just wanted to take a moment to share with everyone the Mapping program we will be using to map Yserbius II it is available to download as a demo or just look at the website and view the pics. I will be adding the Land of Yserbius in exe form to the downloads section within a couple weeks so folks can walk the lands that will one day be Yserbius II more info to follow on that. But for now check out the weblink

http://www.d-grafix.com/?page=ted and click on the T.E.D weblink if you download or purchase this program which is extremely well priced for such a powerful product. tell them Yserbius.Org Sent you. Thanks all Slohand