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Yserbius 2 Features - Coming soon

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I wanted to list some of the features being rolled into and out with the eventual release of Yserbius 2. Some will say its to many features. I say that some will not roll out immediately but are currently in the engine awaiting implementation.

Our goal is dedicated, multithreaded scalable server solution with Login and World Server Architecture including Proxy Server

Dynamic Quadtree solution which is capable to split the world into different level size based on settings and number of Players/Mobs/NPCs. Unique architecture that allows to split it into 15 separate servers to balance the workload.
We have gained access to BRAND REDACTED Plugin server code (AGIS), with coding knowledge it allows to modify and adjust server-side logic)

An editor configuration panel which allows for very detailed configuration of all plugins

System Features:
Data Base system: MYSQL DB to Manage Yserbius through a editor panel.

Instance Engine: Allows us to create and set up new instances in the game which can be anything from Dungeons to different zones. We will also be able to define private player instances, so they would be accessible only for an owner with the same rule applies for guilds to fight for the glory of your guild.

Accounts Management:
With this we will control all player accounts and set different access levels such as setting certain players as GM's(SYSOPS) in your game.

This will let us create any mob template from a click of a button with stats and loot you want them to drop, then spawn these mobs in-game where ever you want in real time. You can even spawn a dragon right in front of other players while they are standing next to you in game. This will make for fun during events rather than having to recode and patch the game all over again.

Loot Tables:
Setup different loot tables and drop chances of items for your mob templates.

Use this module to easily setup your different factions in your game as well as what their standings are to one another. Harmony & Chaos come to mind

Our quest system will be more in depth that anything Yserbius related before. We will be able to create different types of Quests or chain of quests that can guide your players through your storyline. We will be asking our members and players to help us develop quest chains.

We will create different dialogues for your NPC's. As well you can also use this system to allow multiple outcomes in the storyline depending on what a player chooses while speaking to an NPC.

This is my favorite part and how we will be bringing all the items from the original game into the new game environment. We create all the items for the game with this module, add different stats to items and functionality. We will be able to attach over 30 different effects to the item which can be a different category of weapons, armors, consumables, materials, ammo and more.

Taking lessons from larger mmo's we will be incorporating Socketing System allows you define types and amounts of sockets per type basis like runes, gems, etc.

Another item from a big box MMO will be the Enchanting System to let you level up your players items by defining profiles and levels of enchanting.

Item Sets:
A favorite of mine. Sets of the items define the set and its bonuses, and when you will equip them, bonuses will be added to your character.

Auction House:
Huge module that will take some work buts its in the bag! Auction House, one of the biggest feature of this release, which allows you to find items by using search, filter by grade, class, race, and level, to finally purchase it from the auction.

We are torn between a UO Style Use based Skill system (sandbox) or a level based. The original Yserbius wasnt like this, so its really what players are going to want. we may implement both systems and see which players prefer. .A skill system which allows you to open up skills when players level up with XP or level up their skill by using it like another older game.

Create different abilities for players that can get when they have a certain skill. They can use these abilities in a wide range of ways from combat to crafting to professions. Abilities define target type like single player or area, dead or alive, range requirements, etc.

Build your own effects for your game to make it unique like a melee-strike effect that deals physical damage or a magic effect that heals your player. We will have more than 20 effect types are possible to name a few: damage, restore, revive, stat change, stun, sleep, immune, dispel, teleport, mount, build an object, teach ability, skill and more.

Coord Effects:
We can setup different animations, particles and more to run on events such as play an attack animation and a particle when you use a striking ability.

Stats System:
We will be able to cesign any type of stat you want for your game with this module.

Player Character Setup:
This will allow us the ability to create the diverse players like the original YS. albeit the graphics will be a little better. Here we setup what races, stats, and classes you want your players to start with as well as where you want them to spawn and how you want starter characters to look like.

Crafting System:
We will be designing crafting recipes up to 16 ingredients, set crafting skill required for specific recipe along with crafting station. Define different chance for a different result like 100% chances for a common sword, 50% chances for a magic sword, etc. Our system supports grid based crafting and crafting book with experience based option.

Arena System:
Rather than open PVP we will be setting up dedicated PvP instances for solo or groups.

Option Choices Module:
Manage your dictionaries like types of weapons, armors, items, classes (currently there are 22 dictionaries in place).

Game Settings Module:
Allows you to setup servers to your needs (there are over 70 parameters which you can modify the size of a group, auto pickup resources and more). More than 70 adjustable settings allow you to define and customize your server behavior.

Merchant Tables:
Define your NPC merchants their stock and refresh time.
Currencies Module:
Heartbeat of the game a small but powerful module which allows you to define the whole kind of currencies for your players where they can be also automatically converted by changing for example 100 copper into 1 silver as a most common solution, but all are adjustable. It also gives you an ability to define one premium currency which is account wide.

Build Objects System:
Player Housing define your building areas, claim a right to some land, build houses, farms, portals, trading posts, shrines. Define stages and required elements for each stage and prepare endless hours of fun for your players.There will be Taxes on lots to prevent clutter, as well as decay. Perhaps not at first until there are a lot of player activity. We will be working hard to ensure there is plenty room for everyone. Houses will have teleporters, in house vendors, healers A lesson from anther great game.

Damage Module:
Slash, Pierce, Crush etc. Define different types of damage and their resistances.

Resource Nodes System:
Oh yea Mining! lol. Define gatherable resources like a pile of rocks, plants, trees, fishing ponds and define rewards for gathering them.

Instance Objects:
Setup Interactive Objects like portals, Spawn Points, Water, Damage, Graveyards and more. This will have lots of interesting uses.
Weather System:
A powerful module which gives the players the experience of a real world with full day & night cycles including fully featured weather conditions like rain and snow. Define profiles in which month should be more snow, more rain or sunny weather and attach it to each instance and adjustable random algorithm give you flexibility which you need. When it snows it wont just snow, you will see the snow piling up on the ground.

Pets System:
Allows us to not only define non-combat pets as a visual element in your game but also combat pets with an attitude like aggressive, defensive with pet management panel in place to handle commands like attack or follow the master.

Race system:
Allows you to define not only race but its special attribute values, like Humans can be most balanced while Orcs or Giants can have more strength and less intelligence. They can have different starting and respawning locations.

Class system:
Define new classes and you can even set some classes special for the race like Orcs could never be good Archers or Rouges.

Mailing System:
Allows you to send messages directly in your game. you can attach items or currency as well.

Riding & Flying Mounts:
Saddle the horse, tiger or a dragon which can give additional speed or another attribute of your choice.

Create a guild, define roles with permissions, manage members list (roster), assign roles, promote/demote, handle the message of the day and more.
Group your players for arenas, dungeons or to just adventure in the world instances and complete more challenges quests. Promote leader or kick unwanted player is also possible.

Manage your items and bags, expand your storage by in-game banker NPCs or built chests or storehouses. Handle equipped items and their statistics with visually presented popups with items comparison.

Different Channels like: whisper, group, guild, combat, instance-wide or worldwide as well as admin dedicated info channel along with linkable abilities and items with a popup on hovers like in most MMO games and resizeable chatbox allows you to handle messages with easy.
Server Side NavMesh:
BRAND REDACTED NavMesh allows you to use the most advanced pathfinding system, including funneling and path optimization. Also, NavMesh graph allows you to use the full 3d aggro range for Mobs and NPCs but also raycast Line of Sight based on it. All these features bring our product to a whole new level.

Friendslist and blacklist functionality.
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