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It's good to see the old place again


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I knew this old key would come in handy someday. *Opens the door*

*Cleans off the tables and flips over the chairs*

*Steps behind the bar*

It's good to be home again


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Tiger... tis good to see you as well.

*Pours an Ale*

Have one on da house *Looksw around hoping Beggar Bob won't see*

It has been many a year but Time has a way of bringing old friends back together again.
*slips into the room and looks around* My my my, who would ever have thought I would see anyone I know... much less two someones I know.


Well tis good to see you m'lady. You'll forgive me for not bowing .. I lose more drinks that way. Then again I was never much for bowing anyway.

Barkeep at your service


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This place is missing Kitten, Llewelyn... (Cuz I need some target practice) and a few others for random color.... Somone was usually always in the Rafters....

And Sean to for that matter, should be pokin his ugly mug in here from time to time...

Did I say that? My bad... Hehehe... :twisted:


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TOLLAND I presume?

Cattiebrie, were you married to TOLLAND? I have in my family records that he married a lady of that name, and he was one of my sons. I fear that not every Cattiebrie is the same, any more than you can count on people being the same from Drizzt to Drizzt.

Cyren, afraid not... As a matter of fact I was married to Tiger (Yep the one posting above.)

And you are so right about the names hehe sorry about that. I had the same problem on EverQuest with the name Cattibrie so I had it changed then.


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<staggers in under the weight of a fine dwarvish keg>

<places it down and taps it and takes a long drink>

G'day all...been awhile.

Now all we need is Logan and Zati running around :twisted:


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Great to see ya SirKilll, been awhile... Now that we have DEADZ back, we need to find LadyGrifyn... DeathAngel's around somewhere... Though last I heard he was being to much of a panzy to post... :twisted:

Haven't seen Logan, Beggar Bob or Quinn for some time... Though it'd be good to see them again... Their prolly busy with the local Whenches... No doubt...


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hmmm...LG's is an occasional in AC tho I think she's been more running r/w atm. We still get in touch on blue moons by phone.

Logan I heard rumor of in DAoC... He ran with us in AC for quite some time. He may even know rumor's of Zati's whereabouts. Ya never know about those types :roll:

BB haven't seen nor heard from him since a long time back on Emp.

Met Killa down here soon after I moved but she has since married and moved on,,,probably away from gaming.

As for all others...unless they have met me thru the years and just kept quiet, I don't think I have run across too many on any regular basis.

Last get-together that was staged in Atlanta was the last time I saw many of the folks, but that get together showed me this area and this is where I ended up moving to.


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Don't know about running RW but I give it a good try every day! heheheh Actually Baron Silver and I are running with Logan and Zero on DOAC. We are planning a small take over real soon! Muhahahaha! Nice to find this place and hear all of ya still chirpin'. We keep in touch with Deathangel and his clan rw. As SK said we talk when I feel the need to spew wisdom or take some ever so grudgingly. ;p

LG 8)


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<Walks in and looks around at the old place>

<dips mug into SK's keg and drinks deep> 8)

Ahhh, about time someone had some good ale, been way too long.
Re's everyone. Good to see the old place back up and running :D

<bows deeply and leaves a white rose for LadyGrifyn>


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Saw Z tonight after finding this spot. I gave her the addy. :) She says we need irritation to get us in the mood for battle. Drop on by DOAC ! ;p

Oh, was looking through YS book tonight found DEADZ original copy of the Scroll lol Never throw anything away! ;p

Looking at some of the Tavern screenies... Wonder what ever happened to good ole Thermie??? He probably misses our conversations...*snickers (walks off singing ....memories....memories....)

LadyGrifyn, Guildmaster /DEADZ/


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Hey LG, LTNS! I guess life is treating you and Silver well. RubyRed and I are doing great. You should stop by at I-Realms/Empiriana some time.