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Sunny Monday Morning


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Why Dewm, thank you for the nicest compliment ever, that you find me repulsive, maybe you'll go stick your head in your crack and leave me be.

If I ever find you in a aka char I like, I'll faint.

Look who's feeling jealous Cyren..*likes her*


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Dewm, Slohand is clearly an is being, whereas you're trying hard to not have been at all.

You're going to strain yourself. Again.

You're undead, man, you've got to let it go.


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Slohand is Slohand, deserves much respect, but not ass kissing. I think I could say I left my mark on the swamp, not a nice mark, more like a p00p stain, but oh well, you can't deny me that :twisted:


Message for Upgrade
*enters Sword Swamp, looks around and wonders just exactly what the smell is..... smells familiar...... have been around it before.....* "haven't been in here in years.... remember more undead in here last time... hiya Cyren, Vena.... looks a lot like an old friends place from years ago.... I think it was in the next to last corridor in the bottom of the cano..... thats the smell! i forget his name... he had a rather interesting aroma about him.. *sees Dewm* "Hey dude, seen any new old friends lately?" *notices the blood dripping from Dewm's rear end.....* where did you find more hampsters at? your cousin had the last ones I have seen in years.... your not using rats again are you?you know they give aweful heartburn or did you not hear the story?" *pulls out a pouch and sprinkles some bats powder on a stool to clean it off....* "need a few new stools in here.... can you get us some Dewm, I have a new Mercs head you can have for the trouble? ....."