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the wet spot


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<ShoeHorn wanders into the tavern and posts up more invitations to watch MourninGlory shake her thing, then plops down at the bar>

Is this place empty too?! Ugg, whats that foul smell? seems to be coming from that one corner over there...

Hello? Anyone heeere? I need supplies and seek a person to trade with!


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Well hello there :) Nice to finally find someone around.

<stumbles off chair, then gets up and wipes self off and extends a hand>

Hi, I'm ShoeHorn of Evil Way.. I was erm.. well I guess you don't have any livestock in a swamp per say.. hmm.. but u must have food and ale? Would u be willing to part with any of it for a fair deal?

And by the way, I'm curious, what do you drink for water around here? That swamp muck must be poisonous, what with animals using it as a giant potty and all. <eyes wet spot in corner> Well, not all animals I suppose..


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"I do try to keep my little corners of it clean, though people do track in their own opinions and filth, I suppose. I have my own little tricks I use, I guess, to avoid the animals and the festering. They keep to themselves, mostly, and I keep to myself when need be. I always have my hammock."

She smiles.

"On that note, I suppose I can't help you with livestock, I don't carry that sort of thing. What sort of food are you looking for, though, I do cook and brew, I can forage up quite a bit."


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<scratches head> You got animals INSIDE the tavern too?

<leans in and whispers> No erm.. insects I hope? Hate the critters, especially the 8-legged ones. give me the creeps!

But seeing as how you can cook and all, I'm a bit hungry and wouldn't mind having a meal. Oh and yes, I need some food supplies for the tavern too.. but gotta feed the growl in my abdomen first I suppose.

<looks outside a window at the swamp> So I hear rumors tell of a headless horseman that rides from this here swamp to the lands of Misty Hollow.. is this true? I wonder if there's a ransom on his head.. err, body... Surely that would be a fun little excursion... erm, unless it ends poorly

<grabs an ale and sits back upon the barstool>

But! -- I hear of other tales of spooky things this time of year as well.. do you have any rumors you could share? Any malevolent creatures lurking around in the swamps or in the dark corners of one's imagination?


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"I'm afraid I haven't had much to be afraid of lately. I'm a little hard to scare. You could try, though. I like Ghost stories. Always have."

Cyren smiles and starts to put together a salad.

"We live on the edge of a volcano, you know. It might be a bit odd if evil things weren't crawling around. It would make me nervous, anyway."

Carving off bits of cold roast beef and putting out a bowl of salt to dip them in, she puts them out along with the salad.

"I'm not sure what you're looking for, or how I can help. There are probably spiders, too. There are always spiders. Even when you don't think there are spiders, there are spiders."


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<Shoe faintly hears a screeching cry, way way off in the distance. Or was that just his imagination? He walks to the window and looks out. Ahh, nothing. Just.. an odd feeling. The swamp looks spooky under the full moon tonight, that always makes his imagination run wild>

erm, what? spiders? yeek, dont use that word so many times. Thats like a reocurring nightmare of mine.. everywhere I go there they are, yknow. damned bugs

As far as what I'm looking for, just food and ale, hmm.. and maybe something to carry them with. Drat, I should have brought something along with me. Do you have any horses for sale?

Hmm.. and I don't know of any ghost stories per se.. more just tall tales. Like those of monsters who would suck the very life out of people and use it to further their own existence. Vampires? Nah.. well perhaps. I don't think they live and breathe in reality just in people's imagination though.

Ahh, well I prefer to work with what I know and see. Dumb ol demons from Yserbius that walk straight at ya and attack head on rather than sneak about. Its those sneaky ones that send chills down my spine. Argh.. spiders.. those things are sneakiest.. damn critters wait till you pass right under them and then slip quickly down their thread and land atop your head. ugh, why'd you bring them up again.. <gets chills>

So is the tavern always this quiet, or are the patrons sleeping soundly upstairs?


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"Oh! Vampires. Yes, we have lots of those. Several, in fact. I'm immune. A gift from a Duke. If you're not, yes, you might have a problem. Arawn granted me immunity a while back and I still carry it, and a few nasty little surprises. I do have those. Nasty little surprises. There's nothing wrong with being a vampire though, I might recommend it if you're just a mortal without much experience. You could have a problem. Particularly if a few extra legs, stains or odors bother you. Or stories."

"You're welcome to take anything with you that you see that you might need. I have plenty of protection, but you look a tad...uneasy. I'm immune to most of the things that walk the swamp, but I do know that for some that have not been here before...it's not necessarily the big things that are going to be your downfall, it's the small things that you assume are just like you. Possibly someone that looks just like me."

"Yes, the tavern is often this quiet now. I guess I've just gotten used to it. I don't know what's upstairs any more. My hammock is enchanted."

She smiles brightly "I don't have any horses, I don't really travel any more. Seems this is where I end up, and my last trip out did not end well. Looks like some prophecies and some natures are just meant to be and stay and do as they will. And that makes no sense whatsoever, does it?"

"Welcome to the Swamp."


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<raises eyebrows> 'Uneasy'? 'Bothered'? by simple odors and creatures?

<eyes narrowing, lifts finger to Cyren> Listen, I may not like creepy crawly things yeah, but I sure do not back down from a battle I assure you. I have fought my battles and earned respect among my peers, but I expect you would not know of this, being trapped within this muck of a swamp. I am surely no knockover. <trips on chair leg on that note, then re-sorts self again and stands upright> Ignore that!

<listens some more>

So, 'not necessarily big things' to fear huh.. possibly 'Someone that looks just like you' eh? Well well, quite a cocky one aren't you? I think that kind of attitude can get yourself into some 'nasty surprises' of your own.

Anyway, I thank you for the supplies but I shall be off from this place. It does not suit me at all.

<gathers all the supplies I can carry, loads a few bags full and slings them over my shoulder>

Here's a few plats for the goods and the food, I thank you for your services but I shall be off. <goes out the door, then pauses, looking back and forth into the dark moonlit swamp. He decides to sit on the porch and examine the map before continuing>

Hmm.. well I'm sure I came from this direction.. but this looks right too. <Shoe looks back and forth at the paths leading to and from the tavern and ponders his trip back before moving on. A bit of fatigue sets in, and he leans back against the wall, closing his eyes for a moment to think..>


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<While leaning against the outside wall of the tavern, Shoe hears some nasty noises in the swamp, and decides it best to get indoors quickly. He walks back in the tavern and looks at Cyren a bit sheepishly>

Erm, hey.. I'm sorry I blew up at you so quickly before, I was a bit hasty in my judgment, as I assume were you. I should know by now not to take offense at the words I hear, but a barb like me doesn't always know the intentions behind those words, nor am I very patient in pointing out truths and mistaken judgments.

In any case, I do thank thee for the supplies, and would properly like to extend an invitation to you, if ever you do find your way out of this swamp, to stop by Evil Way. We would be willing to return the favor you have extended to me in offering your help and services.

<scratches head>

I um.. don't suppose you'd be willing to offer me a bed for the night? Its dark out you see, and I could barely make my way out of this swamp without a proper amount of light. If money is a concern, don't you worry - I can surely pay the premium for being a bit of a pain in the arse. :wink:


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Cyren smiles and shakes her head "Fear and money don't really concern me. What you need is some fun."

She grabs a few supplies and starts to light a fire. "What we need are s'mores and ghost stories. A little wood smoke and some chocolate and laughing at what scares you, and I promise, you'll feel better. One word about what actually scares you, though, or taxes, and I swear, I'm leaving."


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"Did I hear someone says they gunna tells some ghost stories?"Taters says with his Raspy Dwarf voice as he approaches. "Business been slow since i lost me Thong, , you all aint seen a Red Thong abouts have ya? Fire? Yea get a fire going please be a bit drafty round here. feared gonna catch me death of the cold"

*The Naked non descript Dwarf moves up next to Cyren his head even with her Hip*

"Lady Cyren pleasant to see you abuts again. donna mind me nekid i hope it not be by choice i sure you of that." Tater growls.


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Cyren grins and spreads out some quilts "The more the merrier. Ghost stories it is. Any stories, really. That's what the place is for. Smores, cheese plates, roast beast. I'm up for a good tale telling."

She bustles around and pulls a copper container filled with pine cones dipped in colored wax and throws a few of them on the fire. They spark and pop and the room smells like pine and herbs.

"Who wants to go first?"


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"Well there once was a Dwarf from Nantuckett, with a ........ errr thats the wrong one. grrrr. someone else go first"

*pads softly up to the quilts and takes a seat next to Cyren*


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Cyren thinks for a moment and bites her lip "Okay. Ghost story. And no spiders. Anybody have any chains to rattle? And if anybody sees a light, don't go into it. Once there was this girl. Her name was...Carol Anne. And there was a clown named Pennywise. And they were out walking in a forest."

"Someone else make up a sentence"


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<Strolls in the pub wearing fresh pressed clothes. Black trousers and gleaming gold butterfly collared shirt. Approaches the bar and orders a drink...>
A Queens Knickers please... in a dirty glass.
<Grooms his slicked back hair then rests against the bar. Lights a tabacco cigarette, puff>
Gordon Bennett! There's a bloody naked dwarf!


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"That is enough. Yes. The dwarf has a penis. If any gentleman here has a problem with another gentleman having a penis, they may leave. It is his penis, it has his name on it. Or so I assume. Keep your hands off it, and we probably will not have any problems."

"Anyway, continuing."


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"Naaaa thats not me name tattoed it actually says "I GOT THIS AT BOBS TATTOO PARLOR CHATTANOGA, TENNESSEE" "

"On with the story this got me interested now. I like stories!!"


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<Takes his drink and strolls over to the group by the fire>
Beg your pardon. Sorry for my out burst... I just never seen a nude male dwarf... a female one yes, no male... rather look the same.
<Cow-eye's the dwarf>
And if I may... I don't recall saying a word about the man's John Thomas.
<Takes a drink and a puff>
Don't mind me, please continue.
<I knew I should've stayed in the Yserb CR Pub with that lad Navic>


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<blinks at the naked dwarf>

Um..right.. yes, ghost stories <averts eyes>.. lets see..

Carol Anne says to Pennywise "so what ever made you decide to be a clown anyway?"

Pennywise looks at the girl, smiling. "Well to brighten people's days of course!" He then peers away at the forest and grins, voicing under his breath in a sinister tone "...and to darken people's nights.."

Carol Anne: "What?!"

Pennwise: "err, I said to mark the end of people's frights"

Carol Anne, a little uneasy remarks "I don't understand"

Pennywise: "clowns, they make it all end, sadness, fear, strife."

Carol Anne breathes a sigh of relief. "haha, oh yes, of course.. they make people smile and laugh and forget about their worries" She pushes the clown's shoulder playfully.