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the wet spot


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Cyren assembles smores and passes them around along with mugs of hot chocolate with some rum.

She curls her legs up and starts nibbling at the edges of a s'more, giggling.

"Clowns scare me. Always have. Creepy."

She shudders


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"hey dar,, you got me thong on" yelling at pennywise the clown,"This be terrible dat clown gots me thong on!!"


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<looks at Tater>

What kind of clown wears a thong?! Well.. frankly.. what kind of dwarf.. err nevermind, anyway.. I'm sure he don't got your thong! Now cover yourself up man! lol

<Shoe takes the mug from Cyren, smiling>

Ooh scary clowns, yah.. they be the worst. almost as scary as Tater here hehehe. <ducks>

<takes a sip>

Ahh, now thats's the good stuff! So.. who's next..


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"Oooh! A dinosaur! I want a dinosaur. And...and can there be a...a...um...vampire! With the voices. Pleeease do the voices!"


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"Vampires wearing Red Thongs now dat be scaries!! I can justa sees it now... "I gonnaaaa suck yerv blod, but first let me shake me money makers!!" or "I am gonna suck yer blood , but first first,, I just saved alot of money by switchin,, errrrr wrongs story,,, I am gonna suck yer blood , do you think this thong makes me butt look big?"

*Tater the non descipt naked dwarf pads across to the inn and returns with a glass of milk.*


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<Staggers down from the loft>
Morning all! Whatcha all doing? Ahh... ghost stories...
So Carol Anne and Pennywise are traveling down the path. Suddenly the wind picks up and rain bursts from the clouds. Pennywise considers offering his gaint red afro wig to CA for shelter from the driving rain. BUT, he remembers what's hidden underneath...
To their delight, they happen upon a deserted house...


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"OooooOOOOoooh...what was in the house...what was in the house?"

"I'm scared!"

Cyren grabs a quilt and hides underneath it and peeks out a little


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With just the thought of escaping the pouring rain, CA makes a dash to the house. A thunderclap for a moment makes night into day. Poor CA in her haste doesn't see the briefly exposed figure in the upstairs window. Pennywise on the otherhand spies the figure. An evil grin spreads across his face. "Time to play little girl muh ha ha ha!".


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"DOnt go in that dar huse......I seen this one before!!! its always the big brested dwarf blondes that gets kilt!! donts go in theres it be a waste i tell ya a definited wastE!!! sides that dare clown gut me thong on, I says we wait outside tills he comes out thens we jump him!!"

*Eager non descript naked dwark starts reaching for his axe*


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"Look out for trap doors! And hooks! And...and...and you know, sometimes there are Japanese ghosts. I don't know why, but lately there are just Japanese ghosts everywhere. They do get around."


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Settle down you nincompoop, it's just a story. It's not even a scary story. I tell you what would frighten me, that's running out of hair pomade in this hick-town. No offense...


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No offence taken there Dan... ya think it's safe to be smoking that close to your hair? Pompous arse...

Where's Bones!? His turn to continue the story...


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(being as how one cannot be in two taverns at once... ;))

..A pigeon carries a letter in and drops it on Cyren's lap. It reads:

Carol Anne and PennyWise rush to the stairs leading up to a covered porch, and clamber up them quickly. The wind carries the rain to their backs, even as they stand atop the sheltered platform.

CarolAnne: "We mustn't stay out here, we'll be soaked and sick."

PennyWise: "Yes, of course. Inside.." He looks at the door blankly.

The dark windows of the house offer no hint as to what lies inside. But there is something odd about them. Carol Anne looks intently at the fogged exterior of one of the porch windows, and has a strange feeling about it, as though there were something there, just beyond the glass watching them. The fog on the window seems to quickly grow more intense in one spot, and with a strike of lightning again lighting up the night, the shape of a small hand is seen laid there upon the pane. But as quickly as it materializes with light, it dissolves into the darkness again. A giddy laugh of a child is heard, muffled and distant. She stammers back, and looks to PennyWise, who has already grabbed the knocker on the door and now swings it hard against the surface. BOOM! BOOM BOOM!

Carol Anne: "Pennywise, I think there's a child just inside there..."

Pennywise stops knocking, drops his hand limply to his side and turns his head up slowly, his face hidden from her view. He breathes heavy for a few moments, his head remaining in a fixed tilt upwards, shoulders hunched. He then turns to her abruptly, his eyes narrowed.

Pennywise: "Children! That's all I see all day! Child after child after PESTY little child! 'Make me a balloon!' 'Ride that silly wheel!' 'Honk your nose!' 'Do Something funny!' Its all too much!! Night-time.. THIS is the time for adults, children be damned!"

Lightning strikes again, thunder clashing loudly alongside it. The clown's eyes seem pale against the light.

Carol Anne draws back from the clown a little shaken.

Carol Anne: "Pennywise! I.. I thought you loved children!"

The clown turns back to the door and looks down. He shakes his body as a dog trying to shed water from its fur.

Pennywise: "I'm.. sorry Carol.. it must be the storm. they always put me in a mood" He looks back at her, this time tilting his head "Forgive me"

Just then light shines from within the house, and reaches out through the windows. The click of a latch being turned is heard, and then the front door opens. A tall man stands at the door looking at the two people. He speaks in a low monotone voice

Man: "What is it? What do you mean coming here at this hour of the night?"

Carol Anne: "Oh please forgive us, we were out walking and were caught suddenly by this dreadful change in weather. Would you be so kind as to let us in until the storm passes?"

Man: "Looks to me the storm will be here for some time..." He raises a lantern and looks closely at the two of them. "Well.. I suppose a clown and a young woman don't pose much threat.. you could come stay the night if you wish"

The clown looks the man up and down, remaining silent as he talks, then looks to the window where Carol Anne was looking before, with a grimaced look.

Carol Anne: "Oh, thank you so much! You are a saint"

Man: "Indeed. Come, take off your coats and I'll show you to your rooms"

Carol Anne: "Oh, by the way, I'm Carol Anne, this is Pennywise."

She pats the clown on the shoulder and he regains his composure with a start, and follows her inside the house.

Man: "I'm Rupert. I look over this house since the previous owners disappeared and left it under my care years ago."

Carol Anne: "I see.. do you have children?"

Rupert: "Ahh, no miss its just me here. But this used to be an orphanage a long while ago.."

Carol Anne: "But.. I'm sure I saw a child.."

Rupert: "No children here, miss. The eyes do play funny tricks on ya sometimes, though. Best not to look twice until the sun comes up. Ahh, here's your rooms"

Pennywise grins as the caretaker leads them to their separate rooms. He lights lanterns for both of them, then bids them goodnight.


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...A pigeon arrives carrying another note:

Blast it! All that effort gone to waste. Just for that I will be travelling to Sword Swamp next to take all the green liqour.